Super Dimension Century Orguss Two (超時空世紀オーガス02(ツー) Chōjikū Seiki Ōgasu Tsū?, abbreviated as Orguss 02) is a 1993 OVA series animated by J.C.Staff. It is a sequel to Super Dimension Century Orguss.


Two opposing armies race to unearth devastating weapons, as the world moves closer to an all-out war!

For 200 years they lay deep beneath the Earth, silent on the ocean floor. Now the rival nations of Zafran and Revillia race to gain possession of the Decimators, destructive robots of war. Even though these armaments are from the past, the Decimators have become key components in a bi-lateral military build-up as a political tension between the two lands escalates. Earth itself faces extinction should these ultimate weapons be unleashed!


Comprehensive Lsting of Super Dimension Century Orguss Two Episodes

  1. Fool's Choice
  2. Where Angels Fear to Tread
  3. Fugitives
  4. Searcher


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Production Edit

The director and provider of the original story was Fumihiko Takayama. The executive producers was Yoshimasa Ohnishi, the planner of the of he original series