Space/Time Collapse (時空破壊‼ Jikū Hakai‼?) is the first episode of Super Dimension Century Orguss. It first aired on July 3, 1983 on Mainichi Broadcasting System in Japan and on June 11, 2007 on ImaginAsian in the USA.



Act One

Tina and Kei are on a bed kissing each other, Tina loves Kei and Kei is as crazy about Tina as she is about him. Tina is happy. Unfortunately, Kei must leave to get ready for an operation tomorrow so he grabs his shirt that is hanging on a chair, Tina does not want Kei to leave but Kei assures her that he'll have plenty of time after tomorrow and that he'll be back and so he kisses Tina good-bye. Suddenly, Tina's father bursts into the room and finds Tina with Kei "again", so he pulls out a rifle and rhetorically asks Kei what Kei means by coming over to his house. Kei grabs his coat and apologizes repeatedly as Tina's dad threaten to blow his head of. Luckily Tina runs over to her father and misdirects his rifle. Kei goes through the window and jumps off the balcony, blowing a kiss to Tina. He lands on his bare feet and runs over to a motorcycle driven by his comrade calling him to retreat. It is almost time for the mission according to Kei's comrade so Kei lies relaxed in the sidecar, promising he'll buy his comrade a drink. His comrade says he hasn't changed a bit since the academy but Kei jokes that he has twice as many girlfriends.



  1. Tina Henderson01:38
  2. Kei Katsuragi01:38
  3. Tina's Father02:20
  4. Kei's comrade



The Orbital Elevator is a state-of-the-art system whereby a heavy object can be transported into space with a minimum loss of energy. However, because one of the two dominating world powers had control of this system, tensions between these two powers began.





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